People / Human Resource


Name: Sri. Ashok Revanna
Role: Head - Business & Projects

Skillset(s): Electronics, IT, Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicle Engineer.

Strength(s): Public Speech, Business Development, Strategy, Team-Leading, Resource Management, People Management, Project Planning & Execution.

Currently pursuing my business in Solar PV for Industrial & Commercial consumers, as well as other high-electricity users. Also working on EV Charging infrastructure planning & ventures. Agriculture & food industry is another area where I have immense interests, knowledge and ventured into agri-food space with its own vertical under the brand name, Farmicle.

Electronics, Computers (both hardware & software) is my basic qualification, upon which I pursued the future extensions as my life progressed. Running an office that is into renewable energies & sustainable products/services, my life revolves around it. During my college, the exposure into aeromodelling led to my strong interests into aerospace, which I pursue it more as a hobby than a career. Electric vehicle was the next big thing coming, and I couldn't resist myself to earn a professional certificate as an EV engineer.

Agricultural & Food ventures came soon after enduring many setbacks in my own personal health. After years of research in looking into the root-cause of my diseases (found out it is the 21st century world's lifestyle that commonly affects the health for the mass of the population, not just mine.) This was an eye-opener, and years of persistent self-study that lead one thing to another and finally found that the world of food which we consume has become the culprit. A deep dive-into every bit and angle of the food we consume that has become an 'industry' had lost its inherent value in-terms-of the quality of the yield all due to the practices involved in the entire process. So came to address the issue.

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City: Bengaluru, India





Marketing & Sales Executive: 1 Position(s)

Procurement & Logistics Executive: 1 Position(s)